The Data collection of Good Practices and Studies is part of the project: Reintegration through Sport and includes relevant publications related to the project results. The aim of the project team is to make use of the literature review as a frame of reference for the Training tool developing phase. We also consider that the literature review will help identify a large number of related publications and gather them in a single file in order to facilitate the search for information about the project subjects and its methodology of approach.

The bibliographic review covers the period 1976-2018 with more than 280 entries in English.

To categorize the publications, the following encoding was followed:

Type of Publication

  • Scientific Journal
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Books and Book Chapters
  • Theses


Source of Data

  • Questionnaire or Interview Surveys
  • Literature Surveys
  • Personal or Professional Knowledge



  • Addictions therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Sports psychology & psychology
  • Sports activity & Outdoor sport activity


Subject / topics

  • Framework
  • Practitioners
  • Process
  • Programming
  • Setting
  • Clients
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Risk
  • Transfer
  • Best practice
  • Culture
  • Group
  • Adolescents / Youth
  • Family
  • Substance Abusers
  • Safety

You can find here: the Data Base Collection of Good Practices and Studies