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    Chillers are widely used in industrial and domestic conditions. No contemporary cooking area or grocery store is capable of doing without one. The assistance lifetime of the refrigeration model is determined by the compressor. It functions by far the most important features – it compresses and pumps freon vapors into the condenser, improves the stress and temp from the freon.

    When considering time for you to change a compressor, there are numerous particulars to take into account. Also the reliability of the unit, even though this is not only power. We have to not forget that you have different kinds of compressors. Among them are screw, piston and spiral. They already have various technical , configuration and characteristicsmost significantly, layout.

    The most frequent are reciprocating compressors. They comprise of a group of pistons (there could be up to 12 of them). During compressor operations, pistons compress the freon and advertise its circulation. The doing work compound of the a unit is refrigerant vapor. Please be aware that this total pair of reciprocating compressors might be various – it all depends on the specifics of your technology. The power of this sort of unit depends on the amount of pistons.

    Attach compressors are characterized by a helical work surface. This sort of products function because of particular screw rotors. It really is they who perform the principal process – the circulation and compression of freon. Unlike reciprocating compressors, screw compressors have a high cold capability. For this reason they can be commonly used in manufacturing refrigerators and air conditioning methods. The final design in the screw compressor is determined by the features of the refrigeration equipment. These units are simple to use as they do not demand valves.

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