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    Safety container

    The pot for stability employees will become a cushy place, give protection from the vagaries of the climate, and is particularly ideal for relaxation and consuming. Easy to prepare with online video surveillance equipment. Furthermore, the security box could be in part transformed into a checkpoint.

    Benefits associated with a security box

    Freedom. Easily moves on the car platform if needed.

    Secure circumstances. The insulated box using a heating unit can be utilized throughout the year.

    Longevity. Metallic structure with anti–corrosion coating.

    Sizes. The property are usually ample for arranging a spot for work and rest of employees.

    Refueling pot

    A compartment stuffing station is actually a service station that was designed to refuel autos with fluid engine gasoline only. The tanks are located over terrain, the fuel dispenser is located in the energy safe-keeping pot.

    Pot-variety gas stations are mainly employed to promote gas both in the area and outside of the area. Container-variety service stations are not a investment capital design service, so that they will not call for layout, construction and land job.

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