The purpose of the pilot implementation of the training tool was to pilot on a limited scale in a sample of the target groups in order to be a vehicle for changes and improvements aiming to introduce the Adventure Therapy methodology in addiction treatment and highlight the benefits of nature and outdoor sports activities. The pilot implementation of the Adventure Therapy methodology in the addiction treatment process was conducted in KETHEA, with the participation of 14 KETHEA Therapeutic Program members and 11 counselors in a 5 days Adventure Therapy program in Greece. Overall, results indicated increased positive intrapersonal and interpersonal outcomes through the program, providing further support for the effectiveness of adventure therapy methodology in addiction counseling.

Place: Zagori Ioannina, Greece

Dates: 10-16 May 2019


  • 14 KETHEA therapeutic programs members
  • 11 professionals from KETHEA and ALARM


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