• Ethics Related to study/ Quality assurance
  • Needs Analysis Framework
  • Research
  • Harmonized sport implementation in drug addiction treatment
  • Development of policy recommendations


  • Environmental scans aimed to record and Identify the sport and physical activity levels and patterns and their results in drug addiction recovery
  • Monitoring and assessing of physical activities and sports implementation in drug addiction recovery (clients, professionals and organizations)
  • Harmonization of sports programs implementation methods in addiction recovery.
  • Advocating or influencing through Developing Policy recommendations/guidelines on prevention, addiction therapy, and social reintegration through sport.

Intellectual Outputs/ Deliverables
IO.1: Good Practices & Theoretical background report
IO.2: Environmental Scan /Needs Analysis Report
IO.3: Policy and Harmonization Recommendations Manual
D.3.1: Local context report (Data Research)


Reintegration Through Sport PLUS Research Logic Model