Equal Society

Equal Society – Society of Equal Opportunities is an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO), founded in February 2010, with valuable work and activity “Against Social Exclusion, Unemployment and Poverty” and strong presence (branches or informal structures) around Greece, in several regions and large cities, among which, the Ionian (islands of Corfu and Lefkas), Central Macedonia (cities of Thessaloniki, Veria and Alexandria Imathias), Western Greece (city of Patras), Epirus (city of Arta), Peloponnese (city of Kalamata).

Equal Society aims to raise awareness and inform citizens about their rights on equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life, especially in education, professional training, employment, social security, health and entrepreneurship. Equal Society supports the social economy and social entrepreneurship, works for the creation of a more inclusive society through a process of open dialogue, promotes social integration of citizens with no exclusions, conducts specialised studies, workshops, seminars, educational and professional training programmes at national and European level in the area of new employment types and reintegration in the job market, promoting employment and lifelong learning with a focus on vulnerable groups.

The Social Value Project & The SROI Methodology

Equal Society’s goal is to make social value measurement part of the routine for any for-profit or non-profit organization in order to increase their social impact and to reduce social and economic inequality; thus improving public welfare through balancing social, economic and environmental factors.
The Social Value project is improving the reciprocity of investments implemented through Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), voluntary groups, social benefit programs, municipalities, associations and corporate social responsibility programs.
The activity involves the development and implementation of SROI methodology (Social Return on Investment). The methodology assesses the value that social investments generate by measuring quantitative and qualitative performance indicators.