Capacity building /Training Program for trainers


  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation/ Pilot action
  • Evaluation


  • Introduce/reinforce trainers (sports educators, addiction professionals, youth workers, etc.) to the understanding of Experiential Learning through sport in addiction recovery.
  • To help trainers improve their skills and confidence in understanding Experiential Learning through sport.
  • Help trainers incorporate the Experiential Learning cycle into their sport-based interventions in addiction recovery.
  • Allow trainers to apply the concepts of Experiential Learning and Inquiry to existing sport-based interventions and sports programs.
  • Enhance trainers in developing skills and competencies relating to designing, sports programs, and implementations, utilizing experiential
  • Learning through sport in the addiction recovery process.
  • Enhancing capacity (competencies)at an individual level of health professionals, addiction experts, sports educators in the addiction field.