Coolmine is a drug and alcohol treatment centre providing community, day and residential services to men and women with problematic substance use and their families in Ireland. Established in 1973, CTC was founded upon the philosophies of the Therapeutic Community (TC) approach to addiction treatment. The TC is primarily a self-help approach in which residents are responsible for their own recovery with peers and staff acting as facilitators of change. Hence there is deep commitment to ‘community as method’ where the primary therapy and the main agent for change is the community itself. The most common features of TCs include that they are operated by residents, are based on a hierarchical structure according to seniority (length of time in the programme) and abstinence is the ultimate goal. Participants are expected to contribute to the general running of the community and to their own recovery by actively participating in educational activities, group and individual therapy.

Vision, Mission and Values

Coolmine Therapeutic Community believes that everyone should have the opportunity to overcome addiction and lead a fulfilled and productive life.

Coolmine Therapeutic Community provides a range of quality community and residential services to empower people to end their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Dignity & Respect
We ensure the dignity and respect of individuals by actively listening and holding a non-judgmental attitude which is supported by our service standards.

We believe that compassion is demonstrated through responsible love, concern

Honesty, Consistency and Responsibility
This value lies at the core of what we believe and is demonstrated by accountability and transparency in all areas of our organization.
Safety & Security
We believe in the physical and psychological safety and security for all through the implementation of sound policy and procedure.

Commitment to Quality
We are committed to quality through evidence-based practice, research and continuous improvement of our standards and resources.