Czekobanda was established in 2006 as a non-formal group. We were a group of friends from university who were interested in environmental friendly and sustainable lifestyle and personal development. Since 2006 we started organizing youth exchanges on an international level and other summer courses on the local level. The main unifying principle of our activities was the personal development of youth through experiential and outdoor learning and non-formal education principles.
In 2017 we established an NGO with the same name Czekobanda. The core team members of Czekobanda are experienced youth workers who gained their experience in Outward Bound Czech Republic where they organized in past 10 years many experiential and outdoor courses and training courses for various groups of people, e.g. school classes, teachers, foster care children and adolescents, adults, as well as team-building courses for the business sector.
We also work on an international level. Every year we organize different training courses for youth workers where we try to foster leadership skills through experiential and outdoor learning and other non-formal methods. We developed our Leadership Competency Model for youth workers which is the framework of our training courses.