Sport2live is a non-profit company committed to helping people with addiction problems and / or mental health or who are in situation or risk of social exclusion, through a program of physical activity, exercise and sport.
Our vision:
Be a reference in the rehabilitation and reintegration, through our sports program, of people who have or have had addiction problems.

Implement sport in all treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration programs for people with addiction problems.

Propose a personalized program for each person. We understand that each person needs their own rehabilitation and reinsertion program, that is why our trainers work person-to-person to get the best out of each user and propose a customized plan obtaining the best results in each situation.
Be part of multidisciplinary work in collaboration with the reference professionals each person (psychiatrist, psychologist, educators, social workers, therapists, etc …) to achieve the best and most effective rehabilitation and reintegration program.

We have the expertise to develop sports programs for people with addiction or mental health issues since 2013.
Since 2013 we develop more than 3.000 hours of sports program and more than 2.000 persons join our sports programs.
Spot2live develops programs for a rehab community, psychiatric hospitals, day care centers and other institutions.