Adventure Therapy in Drug Addiction Treatment

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Project Description

The Reintegration Through Sport (RTS) project was approved by the Erasmus + Sport program/Small Collaborative Partnerships. The project aims to highlight the benefits of outdoor sports activities and contribute to the creation of a secure environment, giving ex-drug addicts equal opportunities, contributing to their treatment and social reintegration. The project’s main goal is to develop and implement an innovative training tool based on the Adventure Therapy Methodology and outdoor sport activities in order contribute to the treatment and reintegration of ex-drug addicts. The development of the training tool will be supported by a multidisciplinary team (experts in Adventure Therapy and outdoor sports activities, sports psychologists, social workers, addictions experts, researchers, etc) and it will be accessible to healthcare professionals and physical education teachers working in the addictions field


Project Objectives


The use of outdoor sports activities to the treatment and the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances.

The application of the Adventure Therapy methodology to addiction treatment

To emerge physical activity and sports as a complementary therapeutic tool in the treatment and prevention of addictions

To enhance accessibility and equal opportunities for people from vulnerable social groups


Project Scope


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    To create and continuously strengthen a network linking centers, NGOs, institutions, (inter) national organizations and private people working to promote the benefits of Adventure Therapy and outdoor sport activities and their use in the addiction treatment.

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    Creating and promoting an innovative training tool to increment awareness, capacitation and training of addiction experts and health professionals

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    To identify the theoretical background, scientific approaches and the good practices in order to raise awareness and exchange of knowledge, providing opportunities for dialogue in order to enhance the dissemination of information on Adventure Therapy, outdoor sport activities and addiction treatment

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    Evaluation through Social Return On Investment methodology (SROI)