Project Description

The Rein
tegration through Sport PLUS (RTS+) project goal is to highlight and support the relationship between sports participation and positive life skill development of former drug users supporting their social reintegration as well as strengthen the co-operation between drug treatment agencies and sports organizations in order to support capacity building (of people working in the addiction field) aiming to improve the efficiency of treatment services. From this perspective, knowledge about factors related to the role of sport in the addictions treatment can contribute to the success of sports programs for this particular population.
The RTS+ project also aims to enrich and harmonize the way in which sports programs are utilized during the treatment process by the therapeutic organizations, while will design, create and proposing new innovative tools to support this process. On the whole, the vision of the three-year RTS+ project is to highlight the important role of sports participation in drug addiction therapy.
Finally, the RTS+ project aim is to become a model that can be applied by drug treatment organizations, sports organizations and individuals at local and national and European level as there are no scientifically documented educational tools on the use of the therapeutic value of sport in addiction therapy. At the same time, the proposed project can serve as an example of excellence in this area and be a model for supporting physical and mental health and quality of life in similar populations at risk, as young people from non-privilege social environments, ex-prisoners, abused women, etc. at national and European level.


Project Objectives


To create and continuously strengthen a network, linking therapeutic centers, NGOs, institutions, sport (inter) national organizations and private people working to promote the benefits of sport and physical activities and their use in developing life skills for the addictions treatment.
  • To identify the needs, challenges, barriers, and difficulties of addicted people to participate in sports and develop effective related responses.
  • To contribute to the Harmonization of Sport and physical activity patterns in drug abuse treatment
  • To advocate, or influencing through Developing Policy recommendations/guidelines on prevention, addiction therapy, and social reintegration through sport.
  • To raise the awareness of all the relative stakeholders (therapeutic agencies, health professionals addiction workers, sport educators etc.), through capacity building and training, regarding the use of experiential learning in order to facilitate the positives benefits of sports participation of people in addiction therapy as well as about the significant opportunities that this involvement provides in the direction of promoting sustainable social reintegration.
  • To design, create and promote a new innovative training tool and a web-based platform in order to strengthen the capacity building of health professionals, addiction experts, sports educators, addiction drug treatment organizations and agencies to design, implement and monitor sport-based interventions aiming to the life skills development of the people in drug addiction therapy.
  • Evaluation through Social Return On Investment methodology (SROI) in order to analyze, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences, both positive and negative, of planned interventions (policies, programs, platforms, etc.) as well as any social change processes invoked by those interventions.

Project Scope


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    To create and continuously strengthen a network linking centers, NGOs, institutions, (inter) national organizations and private people working to promote the benefits of sport activities and their use in the addiction treatment.

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    Creating and promoting an innovative training tool to increment awareness, capacitation and training of addiction experts and health professionals

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    To identify the theoretical background, scientific approaches and the good practices in order to raise awareness and exchange of knowledge, providing opportunities for dialogue in order to enhance the dissemination of information on  sport activities and addiction treatment

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    Evaluation through Social Return On Investment methodology (SROI)