Social Return on Investment (SROI)
One of our main methodologies is the Social Return of Investment (SROI). The SROI methodology is an innovative approach which integrates social, environmental and economic values in order to measure the social performance of a program or a policy. It is a modified cost-benefit analysis which measures the social impact of activity taking into consideration the social, environmental and economic value.

The novelty of the methodology lies in the fact that the social value of the activity is traced within the society as carried out through Social Investment.

Also, it provides the framework for being possible to evaluate the Social Outputs that stakeholders experience due to the under evaluation program, taking into account quantitative, qualitative and accounting data
The development and promotion of a social value assessment tool enhance the participant organizations’ governance and the performance of their activities. These are achieved through the inclusion of all stakeholders in the process of defining social outcomes and their impact. In addition, it supports the participant’s transparency since they are able to make public detailed performance data. Last but not least, there is a vital contribution to the strategic planning of the evaluated project which turns out to be more efficient and effective in the future.

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SROI 1st Report RTsport

SROI Intermediate report

RTS_Impact Report

report_SROI_RTS (Greek Version)